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¿Usted califica por un VE gratis?

Con usando tres incentivos y precios bajos ahorita, unos manejadores quizás podrán arrendir o comprar un vehículo eléctrico nuevo o usado gratis o de muy bajo coste.

Siga estos ocho pasos para averiguarlo.

Why Drive Electric?

Affordable plug-in electric vehicles are available today and can be purchased for the same price or leased for even less than a similar-sized car that runs on gasoline or diesel. With state Clean Vehicle Rebates and other incentives, it’s also possible to lease some plug-in EV model for zero down and under $200/month. Eligible low-to-moderate income households can get increased rebates that make EV leases even more affordable, with some offers for under $100/month and zero down. Monthly gas savings can also help drivers reduce overall transportation costs. If you’re in the market for a used automobile, the state’s Clean Vehicle Assistance Program offers a $5,000 rebate for both new and used electric vehicles. If you want to learn more, then check out our complete list of all the rebates and incentives that are currently available for new, leased, and used electric vehicles.

Clean Air
Electric vehicles allow us to drive towards clean air and healthier communities. While much progress has been made, air quality continues to be unhealthy in many of our neighborhoods. Automobiles fueled with gasoline and diesel are one of the largest sources of air pollution in California and the 805 region. Pure electric vehicles have no tailpipes and no pollution is released when cleaner electricity is used to power an electric vehicle. Imagine how much cleaner the air we breathe would be if everyone was driving an EV!

Electric vehicles can be recharged conveniently at home and where people work, shop, or travel. They don’t require trips to the gas station or oil changes. EVs have fewer moving parts than gasoline cars, so they don’t need as many tune-ups and have lower maintenance costs.

Climate Protection
In California, more than 40 percent of all carbon pollution comes from transportation – more than any sector of the state’s economy. EVs powered with clean electricity from our region produce 75 percent less carbon pollution than gasoline cars. If EVs are charged at locations with solar panels that produce 100 percent clean and renewable electricity, no carbon pollution is produced because people are Driving on Sunshine. If you want to learn more about going solar, you can get more at Community Environmental Council’s Solarize website.

EVs can help us become less reliant on imported energy and allow us to power our vehicles with electricity that is created right here in the 805 region. Imported oil costs the U.S. nearly $500 million dollars each year, leaving drivers vulnerable to fluctuating gasoline prices. Electricity has a much more stable price than gasoline, and can be generated on our rooftops. Imagine a future where EVs allow us to power our transportation system with secure, reliable, and affordable energy that comes from local renewable sources.

Speed & Performance
EVs have a smooth, quiet, and powerful ride. Electric motors provide instant torque from a standstill, which allows for incredibly fast acceleration. It’s a fact: EVs are the first out of the gate and will change the way that you merge with other fast moving vehicles on the freeway. They also have no jerky transmissions and are a refreshingly silent ride; music sounds even better as well! If you want to experience this for yourself, join us at one of our next test-drive events.

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